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It is one of the most requested excursions where we have the chance to know Tulum, this great archaeological site in front of the Caribbean Sea that the Mayan ancestors built and that today is rich in history. We invite you to a journey through the past exploring the archaeological site and admiring its approximately 50 structures and enjoying the natural beauties that sourrouds the site.

About Tulum

According to archaeology, Tulum was a Mayan settlement that flourished in the Post Classic Maya period between 900 and 1500 AD. It was a ceremonial civic center and it is also believed that it was a port where merchants arrived in canoes from distant places in Central America and the Gulf of Mexico and here in Tulum trade was carried out.

After the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s AD. commercial activity declines and Tulum falls into abandonment. Many years later, specifically in 1847, the caste war began, a war between the war between the mestizo indigenous inhabitants and the large landowners, rich people who owned most of the land and poor people were objects of labor abuse and constant humiliation which It originated the discontent and therefore this revolt that lasted until 1901. After this war, Tulum is abandoned and it will be until approximately 1920 that the restoration and reconstruction works of the site begin.

To visit Tulum today is to delve into its history and culture, it is to take a trip to the past and admire each building that tells us the story of its inhabitants in ancient times.

Tulum is also known as “The Walled City” due to a stone wall that surrounds the site.

Departures : Daily



  • Transportation with A/C  up to 12 passengers
  • Admission to the mayan site
  • Licenced biligual tourist guide
  • bottled water during all the tour

No food included.